Monthly Archive for May, 2009

AFD One : Favify!

Welcome to A Feverish Dream, a weekly series of web-based work based on my musings from around the Internet. First up: Favify!

Favify takes its inspiration from Cornify, a script that creates an interruptive visual mélange of rainbows and unicorns on top of a website. Favify, rather, inundates your screen with sculptural abstractions of art-related favicons. You can try Favify out by repeatedly clicking the button below.



There, isn’t that better?


What’s a favicon?
For those unfamiliar, favicons are the tiny 16-by-16 pixel logos found in the address bar of an internet browser. They are unique to the World Wide Web, and I’m interested in how companies and individuals are using this tiny virtual real estate as an opportunity to convey their brands or other ideas. I’ve made abstract sculptural pieces from them in the past, but Favify allows for an unpredictable, online mashup of any number of favicon renderings.

Which favicons are being used in Favify?
Favify doesn’t feature just any favicons, of course. A Feverish Dream is thrilled to be sponsored by Glasstire, so the inaugural batch of favicons comes from institution websites found under the Texas Museums section on their Links page. I was a bit sad to find that most of the listed websites (including those from some of the larger museums) didn’t have a favicon at all. For shame!

There are nine favicons in the initial launch of Favify. Can you identify where they’re from? I’ll post a visual key on Friday, giving you a couple more days to ponder them.

New favicons will be added to the Favify library throughout the summer. I’ll use the entirety of the Glasstire Links page as my guide, so if you’d like a chance to see your institution/art site/blog represented in the Favify project, then (1) get a favicon on your site, and (2) get listed on Glasstire.

Can I Favify my website?
Yes you can – and I hope you do! Just visit the Favify Your Website section of the site to get all the details.