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Tweeting Pinks: The Recap

Tweeting Pinks

Last month, from October 18th through the 26th, my artpiece Tweeting Colors played host to Tweeting Pinks, a small campaign aimed to raise breast cancer awareness. (You can read more about Tweeting Pinks here.) I pledged to donate $5 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for each qualifying tweet, up to $250. My rules were designed in hopes of achieving a higher number of distinct contributors to the color feed. While I fell short in meeting this rather arbitrary goal, most of the contributors to Tweeting Pinks actually participated more than I had anticipated, tweeting pinks multiple times over the course of the week. All told, there were over 75 pink tweets during the campaign, and they’ve been captured in the graphic above. (click for larger version)

Thanks to these compassionate users, I am happy to be making a donation in the full pledge amount of $250. But the giving doesn’t stop there! On top of that, @v_hopson is making a personal donation of $100!

That’s a funny story, really. Midweek, he accidentally tweeted a big fat Aquamarine bar into the pink field, setting off a mild riot by other contributors. (note: aquamarine bar has been removed in above graphic.) To make up for this, he graciously pledged a donation for every bar following the aquamarine one, which has brought the grand total for the Tweeting Pinks donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to $350!

With enduring gratitude, I would like to thank the following tweeters:
@byron_m, @desmarkie, @twisty1965, @mikeynaphi1, @jmartinezdb, @v_hopson, @Fotofest_Intl, @CosmoPolitican, @NBCF, @nbcf_manda, @Rosgemjewelry, @dtex, @brenjoe76, @tracylynnproffe, @MNDOZA, @reptilegrrl, @monaism, @salvocheque, @cablegram, @claireruud, @gurl_friday, and @nicolejcaruth.