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AFD Eleven : Medals (After Stella)

Medals (After Stella)
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After a three month hiatus, A Feverish Dream returns with Medals (After Stella). This Olympics-themed piece pulls its composition cues from Twitter, presenting a changing array of concentric squares in gold, silver, and bronze. The piece searches Twitter for recent tweets containing the words "olympics", "medal", and at least one of the three medal colors. New qualifying tweets appear in the outer-most ring and are subsequently pushed towards the center. During competitions and telecasts, the composition will likely shift more frequently than late at night or early in the day. Once the Vancouver olympics close out on February 28th, the piece could eventually slow to a stop altogether.

The visual motif is borrowed from artist Frank Stella, whose black paintings hit me like a hammer and opened up my eyes to what Art could be. So when thinking about medals — or metals — and olympic rings, Stella’s black, aluminum, and copper paintings jumped to mind. Having already recognized Ellsworth Kelly’s influence in my work, I’m happy to have an opportunity to tip my hat to Stella with Medals.

Thanks again to Donovan Buck for his scripting expertise.