Favify Addition No. 1

Favify gets its first update today! As a reminder, there were nine favicons at the launch of A Feverish Dream (view them here), but I’ll be adding many more to the project throughout the summer. (What’s Favify? Just click here.) The first addition:


Fotofest didn’t have a favicon on its website a week ago, but they got on the ball and created one, making them eligible for Favify inclusion. Remember, to be eligible, your site needs to be listed on Glasstire’s Links page AND have a favicon. Once you meet these requirements, give me a nudge via twitter or email (afd at afeverishdream dot com).

I’m thrilled to be able to include Fotofest in Favify. They gave me my first big exhibition opportunity (Native Sons, 2006) and remain near and dear to my heart. Bring on the 2010 Biennial!

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