Favify : and then there were 20

The alarm clock is about to sound on this feverish dream, but before I get to the residency post-mortem, I have three more favicons to add to Favify. The project started with nine favicons back in June, and now boasts twenty. The newly inducted:

'Bout What I Sees Rhizome
‘Bout What I Sees Rhizome.org

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

So, yes, technically Glasstire isn’t listed on Glasstire’s Links page as per my Favify rules, but they gave me the keys to this kingdom, so to speak. So they’re in.

‘Bout What I Sees is Salvador Castillo’s art blog out of Austin. I’ve been a follower of it ever since Castillo wrote of his “Ahhh!” moment after viewing my 2007 exhibition Lawndale Has Many Friends. Castillo recently added a favicon to the website and made a request to be part of Favify, and I am only happy to oblige.

Completing the new triumvirate is Rhizome.org, a website “dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.” I am thrilled to have had two pieces from A Feverish Dream accepted into Rhizome’s ArtBase, and although they are not Texas-based, they are listed on Glasstire’s LInks page under –– appropriately enough –– Non-Texas stuff.

Click away at the “Favify” button in the right-hand column to see the compete Favify lineup.

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