AFD Two : Get Money, Give Money

Consider this A Feverish Dream: Bailout Edition.

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Get Money Give Money is my take on the auto bailout as told through the favicons of a certain struggling automaker and the coinage producer for the U.S. Government. (Yes, I know, more favicons. Not every installment will be favi-riffic, I promise.)

We are a wealthy nation, certainly, but lately I’ve been trying to wrap my head around bailout quantities that stretch into the billions of dollars. Have you ever tried to visualize $13.4 billion, for example? Let’s say you were to receive $100 for every second since December 19, 2008. Sounds great, right? By now you would have a billion dollars and counting, as Get Money Give Money demonstrates. (The counter is retroactively set to have begun on that date.) Yet while that’s an enormous sum of money to you and me, it falls far short of the actual amount handed over. Sadly, it turns out that wasn’t even enough, as the receiving automaker filed for bankruptcy this past week. All told, the company’s bailout could now reach $50 billion.

So the next time you’re wondering where your government funds have gone to for this or that, perhaps this counter can remind you.

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